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Facebook TOP TEN! - 8/19-8/25

Facebook TOP TEN! - 8/19-8/25

Brains + Brawn + Beauty

The brainy & badass leader of Gen¹³, Caitlin Fairchild, & her cosplay doppelgänger led this week's Facebook Top Ten!

Congrats to Eric Jones (photographer) and Angela Ryan (cosplay model) on your hugely popular homage to Gen¹³.

Enjoy the rest of the Top Ten below,

Matt Winston



"The comic book superhero I wish I looked like is _________".

Gen 13 Caitlin Fairchild art by J Scott Campbell

PHOTO by Eric Jones ~theirison on deviantART, model is Angela Ryan
(Thanx ScreenFlix)

Shared by Matthew Louis Wright

21,872 Likes, 3,334 Shares, 1,174 Comments



Now THIS is Storm.

How would you fight him?

Art by Kósa Zsolt:

17,901 Likes, 4,845 Shares, 687 Comments



Smurfs? Or they're just tattooed gangsters?

Art by Andrew Tomaszuk:

15,003 Likes, 7,164 Shares, 429 Comments



Hulk vs. Chuck

Who wins?!?!

Share by our good friend Julien Roméo: Jurassic Park: Origins

14,161 Likes, 9,938 Shares, 1,382 Comments



Honest Abe - 1, Sparkly Edward - 0

Would YOU go see this movie?

Art by John Aslarona: I Like John

13,007 Likes, 3,995 Shares, 412 Comments



Is YOUR baby prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

12,825 Likes, 6,853 Shares, 432 Comments



How do YOU kill time at work?

X-Wing office supply art by Spookylean. Learn to make your own here:

Image shared by our friends at Things to make you laugh

12,382 Likes, 4,220 Shares, 272 Comments



Mmmmmmm... Deep fried fingers, a large carbonated blood soda and a big brain burger.

Bon appetit!

Photo by Jawn McClenaghan:

12,328 Likes, 5,256 Shares, 471 Comments



Monster Bling

Would you wear it?

Skeleton jewelry by Delfina Delettrez:

Shared by Michal čisár

12,209 Likes, 3,008 Shares, 481 Comments



QUICK POLL: Why can't we be friends with zombies?

Zombie makeup for The Walking Dead by KNB EFX Group:

11,850 Likes, 2,639 Shares, 375 Comments