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KICKSTART Fire City! Tom Woodruff Jr.'s NEW Demon Franchise

Support Academy Award Winning FX Master Tom Woodruff Jr.'s FIRE CITY Kickstarter campaign! Help spark a Practical Effects Renaissance!

Jul 23, 2013


Support Tom Woodruff, Jr.’s New Demon Franchise FIRE CITY on Kickstarter!

Tom Woodruff, Jr. Follows ADI Partner Alec Gillis Down the Rabbit Hole of Crowd-funding to Spark Revolution & Control Content

Stan Winston School Students,

In a continued effort to preserve and boost the magic that goes into creating the "real" creatures of practical effects, Tom Woodruff, Jr. steps into the director’s chair for the first time with a demon noir fantasy.

Pictured above: FIRE CITY director Tom Woodruff, Jr. surrounded by some of his iconic work.


Picking up where Harbinger Down left off (directed by ADI partner and fellow SWSCA Instructor Alec Gillis), Woodruff’s film will not only be practical effects heavy, but a franchise to boot!  With a rich mythology whose multi-platform possibilities have already been leaking onto the internet, the pitch is simple:

The Stan Winston School Of Character Arts is one million-followers-strong and Tom Woodruff & the Fire City team are asking for ONE DOLLAR from each of you to join the revolution and help secure the future of practical effects  - DONATE HERE or Click the BUTTON BELOW:

CLICK the player above to view the FIRE CITY trailer.


Creators of the world Brian Lubocki & Michael Hayes are teaming up with Woodruff to make the Fire City franchise outside of the studio system, relying on great writing and great demons (and great directing too, of course) to bypass the usual Hollywood machine that keeps so many quality projects at bay, while continuing to downsize the practical effect elements from production.  Brian, Michael, Tom and Amalgamated Dynamics all share the same mission: to create the coolest, most believable characters and creatures possible.

Pictured above: Fire City will celebrate Practical Effects with its host of REAL creature characters.

Pictured above: A scene from the Fire City trailer. Click the player at the of the page to watch.


The team is fully prepared to make a feature film at a mere $100,000, but their stretch goal of $1M better insures the level and scope of demon creatures in the film. “We began working with ADI three years ago in fully realizing the demons we created within our demon compendium, and now we have a real chance to bring not one but dozens of amazing new creatures out into the world,” says producer/co-creator Michael Hayes.  To ensure they can work within their budget, Fire City recruited veteran line producer Dennis Stuart Murphy, whose credits include Friday the 13th Part 2; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Reanimator, Tales from the Crypt  and the upcoming TV show, The Bridge.

For a deeper look at FIRE CITY, watch the Kickstarter Trailer at the top of the page.  

Also in the works are Fire City’s fully original demon tarot card set, short stories, video games, apps and the demon compendium.

For more information, visit FireCity.comFacebook, and/or Twitter @InterpreterFilm

-Tom Woodruff, Jr., Brian Lubocki & Michael Hayes