Dinosaur Art Contest Winners!

Andrea Leanza and RJ Palmer take Grand and Second prize in our Dinosaur Art Contest to celebrate the release of JURASSIC PARK in 3D.

May 18, 2013

Last month's Dinosaur Art Contest to celebrate JP-3D blew our minds. Artists from around the world submitted dino sketches, sculptures, puppets and models and much of it was just as cool as what Stan and his team created for the JURASSIC PARK movies. It wasn't easy to pick the Grand and Runner-up Prize winners. But we did it, and we're happy to honor these two world-class artists with this blog feature. Congrats Andrea Leanza and RJ Palmer, from all of us at Stan Winston School!

-Matt Winston


By Andrea Leanza, Dinosaur Art Contest Grand Prize Winner

When I was only 12 I started my dream thanks to JURASSIC PARK and I tried my whole life to imitate Stan Winston Studio's works comparing mine with them to always improve.  So you can imagine how winning this Dinosaur Art Contest could be important for get noticed from the other side of the ocean and to know that you all know who I am *_*


I designed [the dilophosaurus] following a paleontologist’s tips (Simone Maganuco from the Natural History Museum of Milan, Italy) then sculpted it in polystyrene, covered with a PU resin to strengthen the surface, then sculpted the skin little by little using Apoxie® Sculpt.


Working with Apoxie Sculpt is quite difficult because you need to pre-visualize the final design in your head and cannot come back as you could with clay. I had to do it that way because it was a very low budget and there was no money for a mould, so it had to be sculpted ready to paint and display.


I tried to do my best because I wanted this to be a masterpiece in my portfolio even if I wasn't paid enough ^_^

-Andrea Leanza

HERE you can read something about how I started

You can find the Dilopho's head work in progress pics HERE.



By RJ Palmer, Dinosaur Art Contest 2nd Prize Winner

This piece started as a simple homework assignment for an illustration class.  The only thematic requirement was it had to be samurai themed. Not being into samurai nearly as much as dinosaurs, I took the opportunity to pit history's most mythic warriors against the world's greatest animal.  When I started to sketch a Tyrannosaurus mounted by a samurai, I knew I had something.  The picture really just started flowing forth after that.


Not content with just a T. rex, I thought about how to incorporate more prehistoric fauna.  I didn't want to evoke Jurassic Park more than I already had with humans and dinosaurs embroiled in conflict, so velociraptors were out.  I opted for pterosaurs to bring in an aerial element, of course these too were mounted with samurai firing arrows no less.


Once I completed this, I knew it would be a long while before I topped it, still trying a year later.  I am eternally grateful for all the support that I have received for it.  Especially from Stan Winston Studio, the guys largely responsible for my eternal dinosaur fascination.  Being three years old and seeing the dinosaurs of JURASSIC PARK on the big screen, that is not something you ever forget.

-RJ Palmer

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