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Demon Job Interview

FX master and SWSCA instructor Bruce Spaulding Fuller collaborates with YouTubers Third String Kicker to create Demon Job Interview comedy short

Oct 7, 2013

DEMON JOB INTERVIEW by Third String Kicker

We recently collaborated with top YouTube creators on a series of monster-themed short films just in time for Halloween.

For today's featured short, DEMON JOB INTERVIEW by Danny Jordan and Alan Weischedel from Third String Kicker, Makeup FX master Bruce Spaulding Fuller (Terminator 2, Predator 2, Army of Darkness) worked his magic on Danny himself, transforming him into a powerful, if unemployed, demon from Hell.

Pictured above: Left - Danny Jordan gets demonized. Right - Alan Weischedel in makeup for another Third String Kicker short - Coming Soon!

Pictured above: Danny Jordan (Demon) and James Warfield (Interviewer ) in Third String Kicker's DEMON JOB INTERVIEW.

So check out the video, subscribe to the Third String Kicker Channel on YouTube and stay tuned to Stan Winston School for more original monster shorts all month long!

- Team Stan Winston School

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By Third String Kicker (Danny Jordan and Alan Weischedel)

Danny Jordan as the Demon
James Warfield as the Interviewer

Produced in collaboration with Stan Winston School

Makeup Artist: Bruce Spaulding Fuller

Makeup Assistants: Melissa Jiménez, Shari Smith

Special thanks to the following contributers for supporting the event!