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Facebook TOP TEN! - 6/3-6/9

Facebook TOP TEN! - 6/3-6/9

Darth Vader riding a kitty rules the galaxy in this week's Facebook TOP TEN.

That's right, Darth Vader riding a kitty.

You posted brutal werewolves, Iron Maidens, Blade vampires and Millenium Falcon guitars. But with 7,947 Likes, 2,358 Shares and 281 Comments, Lord Vader astride his feline steed rules supreme!

Hail Vader! (and Sith Kitty)

Matt Winston

PS - After you've finished bowing before Vader, be sure to check out the rest of this week's TOP TEN.





When he isn't riding Sith Kitty, Darth Vader likes to ride his pet ________.

Image share and caption by Remco Eilander

7,947 Likes, 2,358 Shares, 281 Comments


Lesson of the Week! Monster Drawing Techniques with Jessie Fohrman - How to Draw a Werewolf:

Werewolf sculpture by Jessie Fohrman

7,560 Likes, 1,607 Shares, 491 Comments

Potty humor.

Xenomorph or Plumbing. WHO WILL WIN??

Art by Ken Liang aka Funnydoodle on Deviantart:

Shared by Laith Faouri

7,069 Likes, 2,696 Shares, 457 Comments


The Scariest Vampire EVER is?

Art by Steve Wang - Creature Creator:

Shared by Balázs Földesi

6,993 Likes, 1,106 Shares, 749 Comments

Iron Maiden

But the most badass female superhero has gotta be ________.

Art by SgtHK:

6,014 Likes, 1,717 Shares, 588 Comments

Iron Buzz

His catchphrase is, "__________!"

Shared by Benjamin Pennell

Please help us find the artist!

5,718 Likes, 1,729 Shares, 537 Comments

Iron Melt

What's the story? Why's Tony's mask melting?

"Gilded" painting by Sam Spratt

Shared by Jacob Roanhaus (Thanks, Jake!)

5,378 Likes, 626 Shares, 178 Comments

The Avenger

But the best name for this 6-in-1 superhero would be _______.

Shared by Fuzail Husain

5,149 Likes, 1,611 Shares, 584 Comments

Millennium SHRED

Wanna paint it?

Millennnium Falcon Guitar by Tom Bingman:

Shared by Jon Carnesi

5,012 Likes, 2,689 Shares, 199 Comments

Iron Iron

His coolest weapon is _______.

Shared by Giulio Scalas

Help us read the artist's signature please!

4,978 Likes, 1,783 Shares, 208 Comments