Special Effects Makeup - Blood Makeup FX - The Throat Slash

Free Special Effects Makeup Tutorial Chapter on creating a "Throat Slash" Blood Makeup Effect with Horror FX Master, Gary J. Tunnicliffe

Apr 8, 2012

In this Special Effects Makeup tutorial free chapter, Horror FX maestro Gary J. Tunnicliffe demonstrates the right way to prepare a foam latex neck appliance before shooting a "Throat Slash" blood special makeup effect.

For any character creator, learning the basics of proper blood effects is essential. As one of the leaders in the special effects makeup field & character creator on the HELLRAISER series, Gary brings a wealth of blood & horror FX experience to his lesson, covering preparation of the "Blood Delivery System"; prepping and gluing down the neck appliance; flesh painting & blending tips; advice on lighting, camera angle & other techniques for making the "throat slash" blood makeup effect look its best.

In addition to technical & artistic guidance, Gary shares his many years worth of experience in the special effects makeup business with tales from the front lines, including:

  • proper movie set protocol
  • understanding the hierarchy of a film crew
  • working with the Director of Photography to make the special makeup effect look its best
  • communication
  • working with actors
  • the importance of rehearsal
  • nailing the effect the first time, every time.

Please enjoy this free chapter from the lesson, we know it will make you squirm to watch Gary slice open Mike's neck in preparation for the "Throat Slash" blood effect, but that's part of the fun of Horror FX. Even though it's make believe, it can make you sick!

-Matt Winston