Facebook TOP TEN 7/29-8/4

Batgirl leads living statues, Spawn, 300 Angry Birds, TMNT, Ronald Macdonald vs Colonel & Zombie Snow White for most "liked" Facebook post.

Aug 10, 2012


There's a new bat in town. And this one isn't wearing some bulky bat suit with a utility belt and a cape. Instead, she's rocking platform heels and a pouty expression. Not the obvious choice for fighting crime, but clearly a great choice for making this pic the most liked fan image on our Facebook page by a Gotham-mile with nearly 30,000 Likes, 5,728 Shares and 1,900 Comments. Congratulations, Batgirl!

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- Matt Winston



Holy _____, Batman!!

29,970 Likes, 5,728 Shares, 1,900 Comments


The statues are rising against us!!!

No one saw THIS coming. How can we defeat them?

Shared by Julien Roméo -- Jurassic Park: Origins

26,638 Likes, 13,424 Shares, 877 Comments


What's the cure for this kind of Venom?

Photography: SuperHero Photography by Adam Jay
Artistic Director: Carlos Blanchard
Model: Freddie Nova

22,365 Likes, 5,097 Shares, 872 Comments


300 Angry Birds

Caption by Erles Douglas Steindorff Jhanke

21,245 Likes, 13,934 Shares, 500 Comments


Who's your favorite TMNT?

Art by Dave Rapoza

17,554 Likes, 4,862 Shares, 1,576 Comments


It's good to be Batman.

Shared by Julien Romeo: Jurassic Park: Origins

17,395 Likes, 9,291 Shares, 407 Comments


Who wants a Squirrel Superhero?

Saiyan Squirrel (Goku) by Marco Ramalho:

Other artists uknown. Give us a shout if you know who they are!

Shared by Flavio Henry Gimenez

14,642 Likes, 8,087 Shares, 609 Comments


Who wins?

Please help us identify the artist.

14,267 Likes, 4,328 Shares, 997 Comments


Which Batman symbol do you like the most?

13,494 Likes, 5,049 Shares, 1,417 Comments


Zombie Snow White.
(How cool is that!?!)

Art by: Rob Alfano
Shared by: Zombie Apocalypse Academy

13,267 Likes, 5,309 Shares, 250 Comments