Facebook TOP TEN! - 5/13-5/19

Baby Iron Man beats Aliens, The Avengers, Zombies, UP, Batman, Superman, Captain America & Spider-Man for this week's most popular Facebook art

May 20, 2012

He may be little, but don't call him a baby.

BABY IRON MAN by artist Pia Sylphid beats Aliens Mother's Day, The online Avengers, Zombie farmer, UP look-alike, and retired-Batman, Superman, Captain America and Spider-Man for Most "Liked" image of the week by a huge margin with a whopping 8,195 Likes, 2,559 shares, 343 Comments. Go Iron Baby!

Check out the rest of the week's most popular Facebook images and let us know what you think. Which is YOUR favorite?

-Matt Winston



IRON BABY Change its diapers? Sure. But I wouldn't want to _________.

Art By Pia Sylphid: https://www.facebook.com/pia.sylphid; Shared by Domi Abert

8,195 Likes, 2,559 shares, 343 Comments



Why Superheroes Aren't Online More Often

By Agent-X Comics: www.agent-x.com.au, Shared by Jon Carnesi
6,770 Likes, 3,823 shares, 232 Comments



"What big teeth you have." Hey, monster fans! Who would eat the wolf?!?!

Artwork by Manuhell http://cghub.com/images/view/56826/; Shared by Michal Čisár

5,958 Likes, 1,869 Shares, 339 Comments



SUPER- RETIRED - Which HERO would age the BEST?

Art by Jian Feng Xing (aka "RedSoul"): http://redsoul.cgsociety.org/gallery/565608; Shared by Nikiforov Nikita

5,954 Likes, 2,519 Shares, 482 Comments



Have you facehugged your mother lately?

Art by Robert Alicea: http://doodleofboredom.com/post/5319436588/happy-mothers-day; Shared by Óskar Arnarson

5,591 Likes, 1,483 Shares, 192 Comments



If I could look like ANY character, I'd be _______.

Photographer and subject unknown (please help us identify them!!); Shared By Robert Williamson

5,532 Likes, 3,047 Shares, 479 Comments



The only thing deadlier than an Arachnifemme hanging around is ____________.


Art by Steven Stahlberg: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/steven-stahlberg; Shared by Balázs Földesi

5,453 Likes, 1,136 Shares, 469 Comments



What's the ULTIMATE brain bender?

Artist Unknown (Please help us identify him/her!!); Shared by Kerry Ng

4,982 Likes, 1,699 Shares, 182 Comments



♪ ♬ Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o
And on that farm he had some zombies, ee-i-ee-i-o
With a ____ here and a ______ there.... ♫ ♪

Artist Unknown (please help us track down him/her!!); Shared by Dmitry Harkonnen
4,649 Likes, 2,122 Shares, 270 Comments



IRON NANNY -- But the most powerful babysitter of all would have to be ______.

Iron Man Mark II suit by John Bekkensten: http://bekkhans.com/

4,632 Likes, 1,496 Shares, 280 Comments