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HALF OFF - Save 50% when you become an Annual Subscriber!

50% OFF the monthly subscription price when you purchase an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION to Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Aug 23, 2012

Dear creature creators, monster makers & character artists of every skill level,

You've come to Stan Winston School for a reason.  You're interested in monsters, more specifically the art of making monsters. And It thrills us to announce that we're making the cost of learning these arts much more affordable for everyone.  We’ve lowered our yearly subscription rates dramatically from $499 a year to $299 a year.  That's only $25 a month, a full 50% less than our monthly subscription price!

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts is an ONLINE Character Creation workshop where anyone and everyone can learn tons of fx secrets & monster making techniques that you can’t learn anywhere else.  And now, that wealth of knowledge can be yours for only $25 a month with an annual subscription.

Think about that for a moment…  We don’t know of many other schools, especially one as unique as ours, that has a “tuition” of only $25 a month.  Do you?

Where else can you learn everything you need to know about monster making from countless Academy Award winning artists and Creature FX Legends?  

Look at it this way: let’s say you have an idea for a creature.  Let’s look at what you could do with that idea from beginning to end with the Stan Winston School of the Character Arts by your side.

So first you’ve come up with an idea for your character, and don’t know what to do with it.  Well, how about first you learn to draw it with Basic Character Drawing by Davis Fandino or Monster Drawing Techniques with Jessie Fohrman. Or if you prefer to design digitally, then Christopher Swift and Casey Love's Creature Design tutorials will help you realize your character in Photoshop.

Okay, so now that you have your creature design, now what?  It's time to go from 2D to 3D by turning it into a sculpture.  While there are many tutorials on sculpting in our Training Library, let’s stick with Creature Design by Casey Love.  He'll show you how to take your drawing (traditional or digital) and turn it into a practical maquette sculpture.

So now you have your maquette, but it’s so cool you want it to be more.  You want to make it bigger, into a costume you can actually wear.  Monster Suit Sculpting by Alec Gillis is next on the list then.  Here, Alec will show you everything you need to know about sculpting a full monster suit.

Want to mechanize the face or create an animatronic character? Then check out Richard Landon's lesson on Animatronic Mechanisms or Peter Weir Clarke's video on Making a Mechanical Hand.

You’ve got quite an incredible monster suit now, but what do you do with it?  How about writing an awesome monster movie for it to star in? Writing Creatures by Horror Movie scribes Stiles White & Juliet Snowden offers invaluable lessons on creating an effective creature story.

And if you want to DIRECT your monster movie, then all you need is to check out Directing Creatures with Alec Gillis.

We could go on and on and ON. The point is, our Video Training Library offers nearly everything you need to become a master monster maker.  And with a new tutorial going up almost every week, our library just keeps growing.  Plus now, with our lower pricing of $299 a year (only $25 a month!) we hope you’ll join us.

Stan Winston School of the Character Arts is always looking for the next great monster, and the next great monster maker.  Join us, become part of the team, and hopefully we can help you make your monster visions a reality.

Check out our subscription plans HERE.

- Team SWSCA