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Batman vs Superman defeat Iron Men and Stormtroopers, AVP, Yoda vs Alien, and Alien Evolution for most "liked" Facebook post.

Jun 2, 2013

"Batman vs Superman"

Congratulations to this week's winning Facebook image by Daniel Picard Photography, with over 12.2k likes, 8.9k shares & 283 comments!

Enjoy the rest of the TOP 10 below,

Matt Winston


The backstory...

Mashup by: ??? Who can tell us?
Original Image: Daniel Picard Photography
Shared by: Atilla Mertöz

12,264 Likes, 8,948 Shares, 283 Comments


Friends or Foes - What happens next? 

Photo Shared by: Julien Roméo - Jurassic Park: Origins

12,231 Likes, 3,153 Shares, 251 Comments


Caption time.

Image: Our good friends Abi T Xeno & Pedro T Pred: Alien Loves Predator UK

Photo by Mektography

8,461 Likes, 4,741 Shares, 213 Comments


Who WILL WIN The Battle of _____________?!
a. Princeton
b. The Death Star
c. The Stan Winston School 

Shared by the one and only Jon Carnesi

8,415 Likes, 4,280 Shares, 158 Comments


Sooooo, Yoda wins - but is it even a fight? 

Art by: Toby Carr - http://bit.ly/17VlbXO

7,078 Likes, 2,483 Shares, 199 Comments


Is it just me, or shouldn't the Joker be winning here? 

Art by: ???
Shared by: Abdullah Ayub

6,574 Likes, 2,279 Shares, 134 Comments


The JaWalking Dead 

Art by: Das Merten - http://bit.ly/10H0a3b
Shared by: Julien Roméo - Jurassic Park: Origins

6,019 Likes, 2,424 Shares, 79 Comments


The Walking Dead vs The Sixth Sense

5,855 Likes, 2,451 Shares, 76 Comments


What DID THIS???
a. Unknown
b. Chuck Norris

Art by Raymond Swanland (Official)

Shared by Leonardo Alex D'avola

5,018 Likes, 1,183 Shares, 404 Comments


Life finds a way. 

Shared by: Josip Relatic Reny

5,006 Likes, 1,746 Shares, 47 Comments