Tony Swatton

Costumer, Propmaker, Blacksmith - Tony Swatton is the King of Sword & Stone.

"Tony creates beautiful works of art, many of which are functional. From period pieces to fantasy, the quality of his work is unsurpassed."
James Crowley
Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Temecula, CA

About Tony

Tony is a transplant from England who is self taught in the craft of the blacksmith. He is a workaholic who can be found pounding a way on weapons, armour, and fine jewelry throughout the night and into the mornings. He is the owner and founder of Sword & Stone.

His credits designing character-defining accoutrements and apparel for feature film include, HOOK, BLADE I, II & III, THE MASK OF ZORRO, HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME, THE SCORPION KING, MASTER AND COMMANDER, THE LAST SAMURAI, DAREDEVIL, VAN HELSING, HELLBOY, THE LEGEND OF ZORRO and the first 3 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films, among many others. 

Located in Burbank, CA, Sword & Stone was founded over 20 years ago by Master Blacksmith, Tony Swatton. Much more than a full service blacksmith shop, it has become the trusted source for handcrafted, custom designed and historically accurate pieces. Sword & Stone specializes in built to order edged weapons, armour and props for the television, film, music, and fashion industries, as well as the serious collector.

Shawn Strider, the impressario organizer of fantasy masquerade mecca, The Labyrinth of Jareth calls Tony, "a legend in the world of armor and metal work."

"His work creates a standard that younger armorers aspire to. I've partnered with Sword & Stone for years in order to create new pieces and complete visions within our elaborate realms; and Tony has always brought an experience and art to our endeavors that is unable to be replicated. His talent with the forge and hammer are exceptional, and the pieces he's produced for us have always stood up to the abuse we've put them through and looked beautiful all the while. The man is a true wealth of knowledge and an onslaught of skill.”  - Shawn Strider, May 26, 2011

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