Bill Corso

Academy Award winning makeup artist & master character creator.


New Jersey born make-up artist Bill Corso has been altering people’s likenesses since he was seven years old. A childhood fascination with drawing, movies and monsters led Bill to attend the High School for the Visual Arts in Sarasota, Florida. After moving to Los Angeles in 1985 to attend Joe Blasco’s Makeup School, Bill began to lend his talents to such make-up luminaries as six-time Oscar winner Rick Baker for feature film work, including GREMLINS 2, LIFE, GRINCH, and others, and three-time Oscar winner Ve Neill for BATMAN AND ROBIN, GALAXY QUEST, and more.

A single sculpting assignment for Steve Johnson and his company XFX Inc. (GHOSTBUSTERS, THE ABYSS) began an eight-year collaboration, with Corso positioned as art director and head studio make-up artist for projects including the sci-fi film SPECIES. This pairing later resulted in two Emmys for outstanding achievement in make-up for two Stephen King-based TV mini-series, THE STAND and THE SHINING.  It was after the latter (which he also makeup department headed) that saw Bill leave XFX to devote his energies to on-set make-up work. He has since lent his talents to Steven Spielberg (AMISTAD, A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MUNICH), Ron Howard (THE GRINCH), Steven Soderbergh (OUT OF SIGHT), Tim Burton (PLANET OF THE APES), and Milos Foreman (MAN ON THE MOON). He won his 3rd EMMY for Outstanding Achievment in Makeup for HBO’s ‘GREY GARDENS’, with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

After meeting Jim Carrey on MAN ON THE MOON, Corso began a creative partnership with the actor spanning eight films, including THE MAJESTIC, BRUCE ALMIGHTY and FUN WITH DICK AND JANE.  LEMONY SNICKET’S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS with Carrey's collaboration resulted in Corso’s first Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Make-Up.  According to Carrey, “Billy Corso is a one of the great make-up masters. He can turn a bullfrog into a prince and a princess into an insect or a withering hag. His sense of wonder and his childlike adoration for the creative process has made him a true artisan and one of my favorite collaborators. I feel blessed whenever we get to spend time looking for characters in his fun house mirror.”

Recent projects include the Oscar-nominated CLICK with Adam Sandler, and INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, which began a five-picture run with Harrison Ford, including the just wrapped, ‘42,’ the Story of baseball legend Jackie Robinson to be released in 2013.

Bill is dedicated to helping actors and filmakers alike create characters that are realistic and fantastic, subtle and extreme. 

Corso is married to actress-clothing designer Odile Corso.  They have two daughters, Olivia and Marlena and reside in CA.

"Makeup is part of storytelling. Aside from his technical skill, Bill is a consummate storyteller."
Harrison Ford
actor, Indiana Jones, Han Solo


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