Trevor L. Hensley

Special Effects Character Creator,Master Monster Maker and Painter, Key Artist Stan Winston Studio/Legacy Effects

2009's Miniature Figure Collectors of America (MFCA) Best in Show (tied w/John Rosengrant).
Philadelphia, PA

About Trevor

Special Effects Character Creator, Master Monster Maker and Painter, Trevor L. Hensley is currently a Key Artist for Legacy Effects and prior to that worked for Stan Winston Studio for 15 years also as a Key Artist. He has been involved as a special effects character creator on multiple iconic films ranging from the last two JURASSIC PARK films and the last two TERMINATOR films all the way through the IRON MAN films, AVATAR, and most recently JOHN CARTER OF MARS and REAL STEEL.

Trevor has also puppeteered on many critically acclaimed films and commercials. His special character and creature effects specialty is paint finishing and he has been fortunate to have been involved in the research and development of different specialized coatings to represent many different finishes and material textures, some of which are proprietary. Trevor feels lucky to get to do what he does and still enjoy the many aspects of a challenging and fun career as a special effects character creator.