Tom Woodruff, Jr.

Academy Award winning Character Creator | Co-Founder Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.


Special Effects Character Creator Tom Woodruff Jr. helped create a personal film studies program and graduated from Lycoming College in Pennsylvania with a major in Theatre and Business Administration. After moving to Los Angeles in 1982, he soon joined the legendary Stan Winston Studio on THE TERMINATOR and PREDATOR. For THE MONSTER SQUAD, Woodruff gained Stan Winston’s support to portray the Gillman and followed up with leading monster roles in PUMPKINHEAD and LEVIATHAN.

After forming Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI) with fellow Stan Winston Studio effects supervisor Alec Gillis, Woodruff, Jr. has gone on to design and play creatures and animals in a wide variety of feature films and television. He shared an Academy Award for ADI’s work in DEATH BECOMES HER, a nomination for ALIEN 3, and numerous industry awards.  His upcoming projects include special effects character creation for and suit performance roles in Universal’s THE THING and MGM’s ZOOKEEPER.

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Consistently listed among the top 10 creature performers of all time. Tom Woodruff, Jr. …makes the best characters ever.
Nicholas Earl
Tom Woodruff Jr. Forum, Filmbug