Timothy Martin

Special Effects Character Creator & Master Monster Maker, Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc..

Tim Martin has been one of ADI's most reliable artists for a reason. He's a reluctant jack-of-all-trades, but what he really excels at is EVERYTHING.
Alec Gillis
Academy Award nominated Special Effects Character Creator, co-founder of Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.

About Timothy

Special Effects Character Creator and Master Monster Maker, Timothy Martin, started his career as so many in the FX Character Creation business do, watching countless monster movies and practicing drawing, sculpting and making monsters from an early age.

In 1999, Tim finally made the life-changing journey to Hollywood, "stomping the pavement and beating down doors" as Tim says, until finally getting his break in the Special Makeup Effects & Character Creation industry.

One of Tim's childhood heroes was the legendary Stan Winston. As a kid with stars in his eyes, Tim planned one day to move to Hollywood to make monsters just like his idol. Tim is very proud that his first screen credit was for the film JURASSIC PARK III, where he first worked at Stan Winston Studio as a mold maker.  He later worked on AI: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and the Stan Winston-produced CREATURE FEATURES series. Tim would later return to Stan Winston Studio to work on Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS. 

In 2005 Tim wrote his first screenplay, PARASITIC, which in 2008 became his directorial debut. Tim also created all of the special character effects and creature work for the film.

Since then Tim has continued to pursue his writing & directing career while working as a key artist at Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. for special effects character creation wizards Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr.  Tim has always loved new artistic challenges and has recently become the key sculptor for Duff Goldman's company Charm City Cakes of the TV show "Ace of Cakes" fame.

Despite Tim's wide range of talents, making monsters and special effects character creation will always be his favorite use of his artistic skills.  As Tim says, "There's nothing cooler than seeing a 'real-life' monster, robot or creature right there in front of you. Stan Winston was one of the best and I know he's watching with pride as we carry his torch and continue his legacy."