Rob Ramsdell

Special Effects Character Creator & Monster Maker | Stan Winston Studio/Legacy Effects

About Rob

Special Effects Character Creator & Master Monster Maker Rob Ramsdell was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey but raised in LA from the age of three. Rob was always drawing and became interested in art and architecture at Palisades High and then later at UCSB where he received a Bachelor of Arts.

Following graduation, Rob assisted fine artists in their studios including John Okulic (wood & bronze sculpture), Bill Attaway (ceramic sculpture & furniture), Jun Kaneko (ceramics), and Charles Anroldi (paintings & bronzes). Working with these artists taught him how to use different types of methods and materials to create artwork. They also gave him an insight into the process of transforming creative ideas in the mind into realized art pieces.

In 1991, Rob began working at Stan Winston Studio as a mold maker. At SWS, Rob learned the tools of the trade and honed his skills and techniques by observing the artists at the studio. This hands-on education was invaluable. In Rob’s words, “Learning from the finest artists in the business was the best thing that could have happened for me.”

An early project at SWS was Rob’s most memorable, JURASSIC PARK, “Being new to the business and seeing sculptures and animatronic puppets being built on that scale with that level of quality was just mind-blowing and inspirational. To this day I have not been wowed the way I was with that full-size T-Rex character.”

Rob is also proud of his work on THE TERMINATOR movies and for his contribution to a character that has become so iconic. Rob welcomes the opportunity for travel afforded by working on projects such as: DOOM, filmed in Prague in the Czech Republic where he spent three months, DARKNESS FALLS, in Sydney, Australia, and productions in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Japan, Hungary, Spain, and Hawaii.