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Animatronic Character Effects Mechanic for Legacy Effects | Stan Winston Studio "Lifer"


As one of the senior mechanical designers at Stan Winston Studio/Legacy Effects, the challenges of driving new avenues of research and development go hand in hand with the everyday necessities of producing some of the motion picture industries most famous characters. 

Richard Landon’s list of works include many iconic movie characters. He was responsible for the steel original construction for EDWARD SCISSORHANDS' shiny digits. He worked on several of the dinosaur character teams on JURASSIC PARK (from the four ton, full-sized T-rex, all the way down to its smallest inhabitant, the hatchling Velociraptor). PREDATOR warriors, the ALIENS queen, and more than a few TERMINATOR robots are only a few examples of the group efforts he has been involved with.

He puppeteered underwater on several projects, diving to sixty feet of depth and more to perform the figures he has helped engineer for the movies WHAT LIES BENEATH, LAKE PLACID, and others; was set ablaze to film atomic holocaust images in Sarah Connor’s nightmares during TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY; hung suspended off the edge of buildings so a PREDATOR 2 namesake could do its deeds; and followed rarely traveled forest paths in Costa Rica, the southern tip of Mexico, and South Africa, all exploits which show the lengths needed to go to bring these memorable images to the movie audiences. 

Richard graduated with a B.A. from the film department at California State University Long Beach, where his studies emphasized film cinematography and film history. He also enjoys Scuba diving for recreation, is an advanced diver, and is a Magician Member of Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Richard also has a small metalworking and laboratory set up at home and is regularly advancing personal goals in robotics and mechanical animation.

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Richard understands producer and director speak and has an uncanny talent for translating those visual dreams into technical reality.
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