Peter Weir Clarke

Aside from being a gifted Creature Effects Mechanic and Sculptor, Peter also teaches at The Art Institute.


Peter Weir Clarke is a maker of cool things. He is a congenital tinkerer and boot-strap engineer and is the builder and destroyer of his own home. He is an avid shaper and rider of his own experimental surfboards. He has made it his life's goal to be able to build just about anything and his creations are often accompanied by burns, shocks, flames, black smoke, bad smells, scabs, scars, bloody knuckles, fearful screams, enthusiastic shouts, maniacal laughter and fits of frustrated profanity. His work has been featured in blockbusters, b-movies, art galleries, museums and international expositions. He works as an animatronics and mechanical effects designer/fabricator and teaches drawing and sculpture at the Art Institute of California -- Hollywood.

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Peter Clarke is simply extraordinary! He solves mechanical problems with imagination and an understanding of both conceptual application and aesthetic impact.
Daniel Joseph Martinez
L.A. based, nationally known fine artist, 2009 Broad Fellow and professor of art at UC Irvine.