Mark Viniello

Multi-talented foam specialist and innovator Mark Viniello works every aspect of creature creation from puppeteering to SPIDER-MAN's web effects

Gotta say Mark Viniello is one of the coolest people I know! Always there with an answer to any mold making/ foam latex/ fx material dilemma...THANKS MARK!
Rob Corsino
noted Tattoo Artist, Airbrush Skin-Art Painter & Haunted House creator

About Mark

Mark Viniello has eagerly taken on the position of Make-up Effects Coordinator for Masters FX, bringing with him over seventeen years of Industry experience. Having worked under such talents as Oscar-winners Stan Winston, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr., and Patrick Tatopoulos, Viniello’s resume sparkles with blockbuster screen credits from ALIEN RESURRECTION to LORD OF THE RINGS to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.   

One might attribute such A-list prominence to Viniello’s versatility. In one moment, he’s puppeteering a massive pteranodon on JURASSIC PARK III while the next finds him handling makeup effects for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN or generating special web effects for all three SPIDER-MAN films. Yet, not even film itself has a secure hold on Viniello, who has been coordinating all of Optic Nerve’s effects on television hits from CSI:NY to HEROES for the last several years. 

Ingenuity adds further depth to Viniello’s skill set. The same artist, who single-handedly developed a new synthetic formula, has also run his own company, Artistic Innovation Studios, Inc. since 2004. Here, Viniello demonstrates the paradigm blend of innovator and manager, qualities that ensure his value in the challenging and rapidly evolving field of Special Makeup and Creature Effects.