Lance Anderson

Academy Award nominated Special Effects Makeup Character Creator, Founder Make-Up Designs, Inc., Co-Founder AFX Studio

From one genius to the other.
Bob Schiffer
Head of the Walt Disney Studios Makeup Department for 33 years

About Lance

Academy Award nominated Special Effects Makeup Character Creator, Lance Anderson, grew up in Venice, California, attended Venice High, then joined the Navy for two years. After the Navy, he attended Santa Monica Junior College for two years and received an Associate in Arts. Working first as an electrician, Anderson married, had two children, moved to Malibu, built a home, attended a makeup school called "Elegance" and tried to get a job in film. On a recommendation from a school friend Anderston was hired by Stan Winston for a film called HEARTBEEPS.

After a few years working at Stan Winston Studio (notably on THE THING and SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES) and several other makeup effects shops, Anderson started his own studio, Make-up Designs, Inc., where he created makeup effects for many films, including PET SEMATARY and THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW. In 2005, Anderson partnered with his son David Leroy Anderson, and changed the shop name to AFX Studio.  In 2006 David and Lance were nominated for an Academy Award for CINDERELLA MAN. That same year Anderson received and accepted an invitation to become a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.