John Cherevka

Special Effects Character Creator & Master Monster Maker, key artist Stan Winston Studio & Legacy Effects

.... as a foulness ye shall know them.
H.P. Lovecraft
Author of The Dunwich Horror

About John

Special Effects Character Creator and Master Monster Maker John Cherevka is an artist specializing in character creation for film and television. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, John studied Industrial Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh before coming west to become a character creator in Hollywood. He has always been, and is still a HUGE fan of monsters.

Though John has been a monster maker for many, many special effects character creation shops in LA on too many films and TV shows to mention, it has been in the world famous character creation workshop, Stan Winston Studio and continuing with Stan's core team at Legacy Effects where John has had his most consistent work. John had the opportunity to work with Stan Winston for eight amazing years. Among his favorite characters to have worked on at SWS, he is most proud of his involvement on both the Iron Man and Iron Monger character suits for IRON MAN, the TX and T-600s from TERMINATOR SALVATION, the Spinosaurus from JURASSIC PARK III and, from AVATAR, the A.M.P. suit, the Na’vi and the prosthetic paralyzed legs used on actor Sam Worthington. John is also proud of his work on the giant insect puppets in the Orkin ads which AdWeek called “awesome and disgusting.” 

Besides Stan Winston Studio & Legacy Effects, John has also done work for special effects character creation studios Krell Wonders, Optic Nerve, Animal Makers, Valley Anatomical Preparations, and worked with such legendary character creation luminaries as Todd Masters at Masters FX, Rick Lazzarini at The Character Shop, and Tom Savini. John is mostly called on to finish the puppets and animatronic characters, but on many occasions he is involved all the way through the process. His specialties include any and all aspects of character creation, including character design, character maquette building, character sculpture, mold making, creature casting, foam latex seam work, and character painting, with a special concentration on creature eye and teeth work as well as character finish work.