Jessie Fohrman

Innovative Special Effects Sculptor and Designer Jessie Fohrman brings her fine arts & medical illustration training to monster making.

Gifted with an eye for creative creature design and blessed with the artistic know how, Jessie will soon become a recognizable force in the makeup fx world.
Steve Wang
Award-winning makeup artist, filmmaker, creature effects designer and SWSCA instructor.

About Jessie

Born in Chicago, IL, Jessie Fohrman never questioned her calling to art. From a young age, drawing and sculpting were always a regular part of her day.  She can even recall when, at the early age of seven, while still making monsters out of cardboard tubes and other found objects, she saw a Discovery Channel special on the behind-the-scenes of movie magic.  A seed was planted.

Jessie began her formal training at the Cleveland Institute of Art as a medical illustrator with a minor in metals and jewelry.  Her desire for a grounding in classical technique lead her to the Laguna College of Art and Design in 2008. Since graduating, she has focused on classical techniques of sculpture.

Today she is an up-and-coming special effects sculptor and designer, working with legends such as Jordu Schell and Steve Wang. Her work continues to be informed by the perfection of natural forms, with a foundation in observation.  Today she takes her training into the realm of creatures and monsters as yet unseen in this reality.