Davis Fandino

Fine Art Sculptor and Key Sculptor for ADI, Davis Fandino passes easily between the worlds of blockbuster film and high art.


Davis discovered his calling as a sculptor as a teen while watching a biography of Michelangelo. Later, finding a lack of appropriate training in art school he dropped out and began apprenticing in art studios where he received traditional and classical training at the foundries and studios of stone carvers and sculptors.

Davis has been working as a professional sculptor in the film industry for almost a decade and has been involved in the creation of special effects for some of Hollywood’s blockbuster films including Spiderman 2, X-Men Origins, and Alien VS. Predator. He has also played  a significant role in the fabrication of major international art exhibits.

Especially passionate about stone carving, Davis spent a year working in the stone carving studios of Carrara, Italy, a city notable for the white or blue-grey marble quarried there, some of which was used by Michelangelo for his renowned sculpture, David. Davis describes his life as an artist so far as a search for the wisdom and virtuosity needed to portray the beauty and truth of the human form.

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