Casey Love

Master Monster Maker & Makeup Effects Designer

Casey Love is more than just a talented creature artist; he’s more than just an incredible painter and sculptor; Casey is an inspiration.
Shannon John Shea
Special Effects Character Creator & Monster Maker

About Casey

Casey Love first discovered the art of Makeup FX at age twenty four. His love for the art of mask making began in 1997 as Casey started making latex monster masks for collectors. Over the past fifteen years he has produced Resin model kits, Latex masks, Fine Art creature displays and busts and has attended major trade shows and art galleries over the past fifteen years of his career.

For the last nine years Casey has worked in the Makeup Effects field with some of the best artists and studios in the business such as ADI, Tatopoulos Studios, Steve Wang, The Character Shop, KNB FX, Cinovation and Guillermo Del Torro and has worked on such films as THE CAVE, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, THE MESSENGERS, AVP REQUIEM, WOLVERINE, CIRQUE DU FREAK, RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, TRICK R TREAT, PRIEST, PREDATORS, THE THING (prequel), and most recently M.I.B. 3.

Upon his free time away from the film industry Casey has been offering classes on creature design out of his home studio and designing creature fine art for galleries, trade shows and the serious collector.