Bruce Spaulding Fuller

Prosthetic Makeup Artist, Master Sculptor, Industry leader in the world of Creature Effects/Special Makeup Effects.

Bruce Spaulding Fuller is...a fantasy film fan with the aesthetic, abundant skill reservoir, and fierce dedication of a true Renaissance artist.
Ed French
Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning makeup artist

About Bruce

Fueled by comic books, Monster magazines, and the Saturday afternoon creature features Bruce Spaulding Fuller longed to be a Mad Doctor just like Dr. Frankenstein and his ilk: toiling away on the birth of monsters.  Through magazines like FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, and later STARLOG and FANGORIA, secrets were shared, information was tantalized and Bruce came to understand that monsters were made on Hollywood soundstages by makeup artists & monster makers extraordinaire such as Lon Chaney, Jack Pierce and Dick Smith.

Pursuing that dream, he worked the standard jobs of any young man while refining his talents at night in his apartment laboratories.  Perseverance and hard work paid off when through a series of happy synergies he met his first professional, Edward French, and was hired soon after as an assistant on Ed’s next few shows.  Shortly thereafter, Bruce was “discovered” by John Caglione and Doug Drexler and brought to California to work on the Oscar winning makeups of DICK TRACY. Since then he has gone on to work on many a Hollywood blockbuster and been mentored by nearly all the greats in the field.

Bruce has been proudly making his career from his dark imaginings full time since the 80’s.  And like Dr. Frankenstein, He breathes life into Monsters of the Imagination nearly every day.