Barney Burman

Academy Award winning special makeup effects & character creation artist.

Working with Barney Burman is always a joy. His talent, skill and collaborative nature (not to mention his pedigree) is rare and immensely valuable.
J.J. Abrams

About Barney

Academy Award winning special makeup effects & character creation artist, Barney Burman, was literally born into and raised around the art of makeup effects. His grandfather, Ellis Burman Sr., was a true pioneer who created special makeup effects before there was a name for it. 

Burman's father, multiple Emmy Award winning, Oscar nominated Thomas R. Burman, also became a special makeup effects artist and enjoyed putting Barney in creature & monster suits for TV shows like LOST IN SPACE and movies such as THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU (1977) and INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978).  

Though he started to pursue the craft of creating characters as an actor, Barney's love of transforming faces kept drawing him back to special makeup effects.

While making up the titular character for the 1995 film POWDER, Burman was accepted into the IATSE Local 706 Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Union. “That’s really when it all changed for me,” said Burman, “I began to see the creative possibilities and discovered just how fulfilling the art of makeup effects could be.”

For the next 9 years Barney danced around from production to production working for and with some of the best makeup effects artists in the business on some of the biggest shows in Hollywood.

In 2004, Barney founded Proteus Make-up FX Team. By the end of the first year Barney and his team at Proteus had gone into production creating the prosthetic makeup and effects for TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, and a flurry of more modestly budgeted films.

2007 was a banner year and brought several high profile projects such as transforming Tom Cruise into the character Les Grossman in TROPIC THUNDER and designing and creating the aliens for JJ Abrams’ STAR TREK.

Since then, Barney has founded a new Special Makeup Effects studio, B2FX, where he continues his makeup effects artistry.

In March of 2010, Barney received his first Academy Award for his work in STAR TREK.

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