Rob Freitas

Rob Freitas is the man that makes the molds for the highest echelon master sculptors. An artist's artist. A true master.

About Rob

Rob Freitas is a leading mold-maker with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of Makeup Effects. He is known for his innovative and technical approach to prosthetic mold making, and collapsible-core fabrication. He counts working for Rick Baker on films such as THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, all three MEN IN BLACK films, THE GRINCH, PLANET OF THE APES and HELLBOY among his professional highlights. Other credits include THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE, STAR TREK (2009), and THE HOBBIT. Rob enjoys sharing information, and techniques…to those that are passionate about what he loves to do.