Joey Shanks

In-Camera Effects Wizard takes Practical FX to New Worlds

Michael Bay may have budgets in the tens of millions for effects, but Joey Shanks has beaten him with ordinary food objects.

About Joey

Garage FX guru Joey Shanks (PBS Digital Studios' Webby-nominated SHANKS FX) creates high-end visual effects with simple household items. His work, at once both innovative and traditional, has been featured across the web in NO FILM SCHOOL, GIZMODO, MASHABLE, WIRED, FSTOPPERS, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, THE CREATORS PROJECT, HUFFINGTON POST, USA TODAY, CBS NEWS, and many more. His stop-motion film WIGGLE ROOM (2011) won the USA FILM FESTIVAL and allowed him to submit the film for an Academy Award nomination for "best animated short." His last film SCI-FLY (2013) was an official selection for SXSW, LA Film Festival, and SLAMDANCE to name a few.