Jim Kundig

Creature Effects Mechanic, Mechanical Designer, and Motion Capture Engineer

Jim is a consummate professional. He always delivers enormous quality under the most demanding of circumstances along with a cheerful bedside manner.
Edward Chiodo
Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc.

About Jim

Jim Kundig originally went to school for Mechanical Engineering, but his passion for filmmaking led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Film and Television Production from San Diego State University. His professional career since has been comprised of working in various capacities in the entertainment industry as well as spending time outside the industry as a mechanical designer for companies specializing in Robotics and military/industrial design.

Early in his career Jim worked making models, building practical effects, and mechanizing creatures for such films as HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE and HONEY, I BLEW UP THE BABY.  He worked on CRITTERS 2: THE NEXT BATCH for Chiodo Bros. and was the Live Spider Coordinator on the movie ARACHNOPHOBIA.

As a member of Rick Lazarrini's team at The Creature Shop, Jim contributed to OPERATION DUMBO DROP, THE SANTA CLAUSE, and THE BUDWEISER FROGS. And while part of the mechanical effects crew at Steve Johnson's XFX, Jim had the opportunity to work on BICENTENNIAL MAN, VIRUS, and MONKEYBONE.

He also worked on INDEPENDENCE DAY and GODZILLA for Tatopoulos Designs and for Jim Henson's Creature Shop on WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

During his recent tenure in the mechanical department at Legacy Effects, Jim worked on such films as COWBOYS & ALIENS, PACIFIC RIM and IRON MAN 3 and the GIANT CREATURE project created for San Diego Comic-Con in partnership with Legacy Effects, Stan Winston School, Stratasys, and Wired.

When not doing practical character effects work, Jim has found exciting employment in the burgeoning field of motion capture on A CHRISTMAS CAROL, JACK AND THE GIANT SLAYER, and MALEFICENT.