Gary J. Tunnicliffe

Horror FX Maestro, Character Creator & Founder of Two Hours in the Dark, Inc.

"Anyone hoping to learn the secrets of the Special Effects Make-Up Artist's craft should watch [Gary's] lesson.........or I'll tear your soul apart.”
Doug Bradley aka "Pinhead"
actor - "Pinhead," leader of the cenobites in the HELLRAISER series

About Gary

Gary J. Tunnicliffe was born and raised in the small town of Burntwood in the rural county of Staffordshire, England.

Obsessed with film from an early age, his dreams of 'working in show-business' were quashed from an early age as 'folly' by his friends and family, but after discovering make up effects in the early eighties, and becoming fascinated by the practice, he quickly developed a portfolio of amateur pieces that got him noticed and got him a job working at the famed Pinewood Studios near London.

Several years later, aged 25 he made the move to Los Angeles and subsequently started his own make up effects company 'Two Hours in the Dark, Inc.' (The name based on the average amount of time spent in a cinema.)

Since then he has designed and created make up effects, props, creatures and prosthetics on over 60 feature films as well as having written, directed, produced and even acted in several others.