Dan LuVisi

Visionary artist, designer and world-creator, Dan LuVisi, makes dazzling images on his computer! Don't know Dan yet? Just wait; you will.


Dan LuVisi is a conceptual artist/writer currently living in Santa Monica, California. He has been working professionally for ten years, for such companies as Hasbro, DC Comics, 20th Century FOX, Microsoft and in 2010 had his first book published, LAST MAN STANDING: KILLBOOK OF A BOUNTY HUNTER. LMS was soon optioned by Paramount Pictures, and is currently being published by Dark Horse Comics.

Tim Miller, the creative director at Blur Studio said of LMS, "When I turned the first few pages of LMS, I wasn't sure just how Danny created it. Was he "channeling" this character, Gabriel, from a parallel universe? Did he imagine it while totally hammered on some hallucinogenic coktail? Perhaps he was the victim of a massive head trauma that provoked a "creative seizure?" It had to be something freaky beacuse it was just too awesome otherwise. An epic and visionary story with an insane level of detail..more detail than any normal artist could achieve. So I'm going with "head trauma." But no matter its origin--what an AMAZING display of creativity! Read it; look at it; roll around on it and marvel at its pure ****ing coolness!" 




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[LMS is] an EPIC and visionary story with an insane level of detail...more detail than any normal artist could achieve...What an amazing display of creativity!
Tim Miller
Creative Director, Blur Studio, Inc. (HALO WARS, STAR WARS: OLD REPUBLIC)