Cynthia Garza

Special Effects Makeup Artist and Monster Teeth Maker Extraordinaire

Cynthia’s teeth designs demonstrate technical abilities and a sense of color that is rarely seen. She has the passion, skill and drive of a master artist.
Danny Wagner
Special Effects Makeup ArtistFormer ILM: Practical SFX Makeup Artist,STAR WARS I, II, III etc.

About Cynthia

Cynthia Garza was born and raised in Mexico. Awestruck as a kid after watching a double feature of STAR WARS and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, her desire to enter the effects industry was only reinforced by the makeup effects she saw in the cinema and on television with such projects as Michael Jackson's THRILLER video and Stephen King's SALEM'S LOT. Inspired and bitten hard by the makeup effects bug, she promised herself that film makeup would become her life's work.

She started her formal makeup career in 1997 and forged her way through commercials, music videos, live theater, fashion runway shows, and editorial photo shoots, enthusiastically availing herself of any opportunity to expand her skills and experience.  Her long client list includes: Disney Channel Mexico, MTV Latino, Kenworth, Aeromexico, Microsoft, Mexican Red Cross, Diesel, Toshiba, Coca Cola, GSK Pharmaceuticals, Samsung, and Levi's.

Her peers evaluate her as a fine Journeywoman in both beauty makeup and effects makeup.  Recently a legal resident in the USA, she is proud to be honing her skills and working among the people she grew up admiring.