Cesar Dacol Jr.

Creature concept designer and master ZBrush sculptor

From his concept, to form, to execution of detail, I desired to do what he did…and I still watch and hunger over the talents of Cesar’s work. I thank you Cesar!
Neville Page

About Cesar

With over 25 years in the film business to his credit and a background in both anatomy and traditional sculpting, Cesar Dacol Jr. is no stranger to making hits. His resume reads like a road map, making frequent stops at some of the biggest projects in Hollywood. Along this journey, Cesar has worked as a Lead and Modeling Supervisor on features like, 300, FANTASTIC FOUR, BARNYARD, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and HAPPY FEET 2. Currently, Cesar keeps busy working as a Director of Character Development in the film and games industries.

When not helping to create the next big blockbuster, Cesar finds time to make contributions to publications like, “D’artiste Character Modeling 3” and most recently “Advanced Photoshop Magazine”. He is also known for his contributions as a long standing beta team member for Pixologic’s ZBrush, as an instructor for CGSociety’s CGWorkshops and an instructor in Visualarium in association with ZBrushWorkshops.

Cesar is an inspiration and resource for many of the field's top professionals, including concept designer Neville Page (CLOVERFIELD, SUPER 8) who says, "Before I even touched digital sculpting and ZBrush, I watched and hungered for the talents of Cesar.  From his concept, to form, to execution of detail, I desired to do what he did.  And now that I have been using ZBrush professionally for a number of years, I come to realize...I still watch and hunger over the talents of Cesar’s work. He is one of my educators and motivators."