Craig Fraser

Craig Fraser Professional Illustrator and Airbrush Guru

Craig can turn anything in any medium into gold. He's an artist that can pick up the nuances, subtleties and detail with ease and easily teach it to others.
Tim Gore
Special Effects Master, Artist, Sculptor and Painter

About Craig

Craig Fraser has been airbrushing for 30+ years and has worked as a professional illustrator even longer. Holding a Bachelor's degree from Cal Poly SLO in Architecture, and Associate degrees in Aero Engineering, Music, and Computer Science, he likes to balance aesthetic and engineering in all of his work.

The author of the best selling Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special FX books, Craig has also produced over 25 how-to airbrush videos, and numerous automotive tech articles for publications such as Hot Rod Magazine, Streetrucks, Truckin, P&KG, and Airbrush Action. When he was not painting, or writing, he was developing world-wide educational programs for Anest Iwata, ICAR, The Airbrush Getaway, ASET, House of Kolor, Coast Airbrush TV and Createx.

Craig resides with his wife and son in Bakersfield, CA, where he runs the Air Syndicate Studio and works as the in-house designer for Kal Koncepts. Craig specializes in freehand airbrushing, automotive graphics, pinstriping, and the fine art of the Kustom Kulture. Some of Craig's previous clients include Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, Chopper's Inc, Rikki Rockett, Fender Guitars, Sonor Drums, Discovery Chanel, General Motors, Ford, Sony, and numerous others.

Craig has recently expanded into the tattoo industry, engraving, curating group art shows, and product design. He balances his creative time in the studio with his other great passion, teaching, specializing in opening up new educational markets overseas.

Watch Craig's Webcourse - How to Airbrush - The Art of Painting with Airbrushes

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