Bruce D. Mitchell

Creature Artist & "Conceptual Executioner," Bruce D. Mitchell, calls upon his decades of FX know-how to create wearable dynamic art.

Bruce D. Mitchell is a brilliant designer and a fantastic sculptor. His masks are beautiful and ingeniously engineered. I find them quite inspiring.
Chet Zar
Digital and special FX makeup artist (THE RING, HELLBOY 1 & 2, PLANET OF THE APES.)

About Bruce

Bruce D. Mitchell has been making things since his fingers learned to move. Building blocks and play dough were no stranger to this little boy's hands.  Both his parents fostered his imagination.

Bruce was weaned on movies -- especially Science Fiction films. He saw STAR WARS when he was five and that was all it took to set his course. He would become a Cowboy-Astronaut-Sheriff. This dream proving difficult to manifest, Bruce charted a new course.  With his growing love of movies and how they were made he decided to become a Special FX Artist.

After struggling all the way through, Bruce was finally finished with school. He pursued his dream and found employment in the world of Special FX. It was a rewarding feeling working in and contributing to the movies.

Using the tricks of the FX trade Bruce started making his own art work in the form of wearable objects. These objects would allow him to create his own characters in the form of masks with dynamic features. These works of art would become the proving grounds for concepts yet tried. Custom ground sunglass lenses, neodymium magnets and a variety of found objects have all made their way into his growing collection of masks and helmets.

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