Aimee Macabeo

Master Hair Artist for the Makeup and Creature Effects Industries


Makeup and Creature Effects Hair specialist Aimee Macabeo has always been artistic, though it took her a while to figure out exactly which professional path to pursue. The California native and self-declared L.A. Kings addict started out as a fashion major and transitioned to makeup at Joe Blasco’s well-known school in Hollywood. She worked full time at a hospital while juggling makeup school and later dabbled in toy design and fine art.

She ultimately ended up building a career in Makeup FX and went to cosmetology school to hone her hair specialty, which she now describes as an “obsession.”

Aimee’s amazing work can be seen in huge box office hits like Oscar winning AVATAR, THE AVENGERS, IRON MAN, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN and THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN as well as TV shows like AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

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Aimee's amazing skill with hair brings a level of creative artistry, subtlety and realism that is the perfect finishing touch to a character.
J. Alan Scott
Co-Founder Legacy Effects