Adam Beane

Master sculptor known for hyperrealistic portrait work, founder of Adam Beane Industries & inventor of the revolutionary sculpting material Cx5

"The amount of realism, fluidity, and of course, dead-on likeness that Adam achieves in such a small scale, it goes beyond sculptureā€¦ it's alchemy."
Mike Hill
World renowned portrait sculptor and artist

About Adam

Adam Beane is a renowned master sculptor known for his highly realistic portraits and dynamic poses. In the fifteen years since he began sculpting, Adam has become internationally recognized for the extraordinary emotive and expressive qualities of his pieces. His work is sought after by companies, magazines, and collectors for his ability to achieve striking likenesses in small scale sculptures. Adam began sculpting in 2002 as a freelancer for McFarlane Toys, creating dozens of hyperrealistic sculptures of legendary sports stars. Over the years Adam has created hundreds of sculptures and dioramas for toy and collectible companies, including Sideshow Collectibles, DC, and of course McFarlane, as well as many others.

As a self-taught sculptor, Adam developed unique techniques for sculpting portraiture and the human form. To better achieve the level of precision he desired in his work, Adam drew on his background in chemistry and industrial design to invent a new sculpting medium called Cx5, a tremendously versatile material that handles like clay when warm, but is as hard as plastic at room temperature, and doesn't need supporting armatures.

In 2010 Adam founded Adam Beane Industries to bring Cx5 and his sculpting techniques to sculptors worldwide. In 2010 he also stepped back from the collectibles industry to focus on editorial illustration, creating sculptures of Barack Obama and Steve Jobs for Esquire magazine, and Mark Zuckerburg for Wired. To date he is the only hyperrealistic sculptor doing editorial illustration. 

Along with sculpting, Adam has always been passionate about teaching, and one of his biggest motivations is sharing the knowledge he has gained throughout his career, along with introducing sculptors to a faster, more organic method of sculpting without armatures, using Cx5 and the new, softer Cx5s.